“Non potevate organizzare un workshop migliore, come sempre tutto perfetto!” EUROPE MOUNTAINS-ETRAVEL   “Ci tengo a farvi i miei complimenti per l’organizzazione generale e per la qualità degli invitati presenti. Congratulazioni!” HELLO ITALY TOURS   “Complimenti per l’organizzazione generale, continuate così!” CARACTÈRE (Belgium)   “I would like to herewith thank you all for the great preparation work for this event, the warm welcome and the quality of all the support and the organization on site. I have enjoyed every minute of it and made very good contact.” HELMSBRISCOE   “Ottimo workshop come sempre, ringrazio per questa opportunità!” ROYAL TOUR SERVICE   “Workshop eccellente e meeting molto produttivi!” TRAVEL HOUSE GROUP   “Il livello dei vostri workshop si mantiene sempre alto, continuate così!” GIFT TRAVEL   “Thank YOU!!! It was a pleasure for me to participate the conference in Rome last week. Very useful to me, and I hope for good business with new partners” WESTERBOE   “Grazie a voi di tutto, siete stati fantastici come sempre” TRAVCO   “Thank you so much again for everything, it has been a wonderful Fam trip!” OPERATION EUROPE   “I would like to thank everyone in COMITEL management and team for the fabulous arrangements and great organization of this tour. It has been a pleasure to participate in the post tour and look forward to seeing you all in the next event with COMITEL” REMAZ TOURS   “Un evento sicuramente ottimo e molto ben organizzato, incontri sicuramente molto utili per il mio business.” KELIONIU KOMPANIJA   “THANK YOU again for your kindness and your perfect ACE organization! This workshop was very productive & efficient for me” INTRA EVENT  


Vi ringrazio molto per l’organizzazione di questo bellissimo workshop che ci ha portato tantissimi contatti utili per il nostro lavoro! ADVENTUS TOUR by LUXURY BUSINESS TRAVEL   Volevo ringraziarVi nuovamente per avermi dato l’opportunità di partecipare ad A.C.E.2021: è stata una splendida opportunità professionale ed una altrettanto piacevole interscambio umano. Mi complimento per l’ottima organizzazione ed anche per l’empatia che è ciò che rende indimenticabili certi eventi. Riso Gallo SpA   Thank you so much for the most interesting and inspiring workshop! I have totally enjoyed and learnt a lot in a comfortable environment, and definitely to make a such workshop in Eternal city of Rome, was overall just delighful. The style and the knowledge of all presenters was amazing, and all new products have been presented in the very positive way. I have discovered a lot of new potential connections and partners within Travel Industry, and met very inspiring presenters is well. It was a pleasure to attend, thanks again for organizing such a successful workshop! FRACTAL Ltd.   Thank you for inviting me and PAC GROUP to such a wonderful event. Everything was superbly organized. The places we visited with the group were so beautiful with a very friendly atmosphere. Thank you very much. I hope to see you soon! PAC GROUP   I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the Comitel team for these great three days in Rome. The workshop was very professionally organised. All times according to the programme were as punctual as a Swiss watch. I had good and purposeful contacts. I would like to thank you once again and I am already looking forward to taking part in another Comitel event. Forchbahn AG   Thank you so much for having me. It was a great workshop, I met some really good contacts that I hope we develop a long term partnership with. Excellent work and once again – thank you for having me. Olive Tree Escapes   Thanks again for very professional organised workshop, it was pleasure to participate. I found plenty of new contacts, you were great hosts taking care of all. I will be glad to attend any event, that you organise in near future. TRINITY   Siete stati fantstici, Bravi e grazie a voi di tutto!!! Travco Corporation Ltd   I would like to thank you all for a great Ace workshop in Rome! It was well organized and I got some good contacts I think! Most of all it was such a pleasure to be able to meet people face to face again – and be part of a travel industry event! Aller Travel AS   Grazie per il grande lavoro che avete fatto e per l’opportunità che mi avete dato di partecipare ad Art Cities Exchange. Sono certo che con alcuni dei contatti che ho avuto durante questa 2 giorni di incontri potrà cominciare un proficuo rapporto di lavoro; senza contare delle relazioni che si sono costruite nei momenti di networking: è stato bello tornare a conoscere e creare di persona nuovi rapporti! Complimenti per la grande e puntuale assistenza prima e durante l’evento e per l’ottima organizzazione delle sessioni di lavoro e delle attività collaterali. Spero di poter presto partecipare di nuovo ad uno dei vostri eventi. FuorITinerario Discover your ITaly   Grazie mille ancora per il vostro invito e per la vostra inesauribile efficienza e diponibilità! Siete state tutte professionali, ma soprattutto umane e simpatiche, era come essere a casa fra amici! LOW CARBON TRAVELS   Well done! Thanks to the staff of ACE, helpful, friendly and accurate. XCENTIVE  


Over 1,800 meetings taken by 93 buyers from all over the world and 68 sellers representing all Italy: the figures of ACE’s 22nd edition (1st one in the digital format) speak for themselves. We want to thank all participants for joining this event and rating it with full marks (100% for sellers; 96,10 % for buyers). In reference with the organization, assistance, matchmaking and video-call platforms, all the sellers were satisfied and also almost all the buyers (96.2%). As far as the business is concerned, we can say that ACE reached its goal, as all the buyers and almost all the sellers (96%) judged the contacts established as excellent or good; this makes us proud and pushes us to work harder to continue on this path, to improve and overcome this difficult moment all together.  


“Ottima esperienza in termini di ospitalità, interesse della manifestazione e contatti. Anche quest’anno il workshop è stato un appuntamento molto utile sia per consolidamento di rapporti che per nuove conoscenze.” Jet Vacations   It was great! Sici   Vi vorrei ringraziare per lo scorso Art Cities. Non solo perfetto a livello organizzativo, ma a anche a livello qualitativo dei buyers. Un’esperienza veramente ottima. ROOM MATE HOTELS   You are great as always. Railtour · Frantour   The programme was fabulous! In addition to making lots of contacts for my future travel bookings (for clients) I learned a lot about Italy and different places to send them. Thank you again for being such a wonderful host! TTI TRAVEL   Perfectly organized trade show as well, very interesting and stimulating for our business, overwhelming hospitality: for me it turned out to be a great success. Congratulations! DRESS INCENTIVES   Grazie mille come sempre del supporto e dell’organizzazione, sempre al top! MONRIF HOTELS   I thoroughly enjoyed the ACE 2019. Very good contacts, most meetings were very positive. I really appreciate I could participate and would love to join next editions. ADVIVOS   This is my first participation in this ACE event and I am pleasantly surprised by the level of conduct, interesting suppliers. These days, I was surrounded by the attention of the organizers, had interesting and useful meetings and contacts for my future events. Warm, friendly atmosphere, unusual activities: all this gave me the opportunity to have new contacts and communication. SOGLASIE   Voglio rinnovarvi il mio apprezzamento per l’ottima professionalità e la squisita organizzazione di tutto l’evento che non ha mancato di confermarmi la eccellenza della vostra organizzazione. UMBRIASì   I am writing to express my deepest gratitude for the excellently organized ACE 2019. I worked very fruitfully with our potential partners and enjoyed the whole program, food and hotel that you kindly provided for my accommodation! Thank you for all your efforts, help and incredible work that you have done to make all exhibitors comfortable. ALBION LTD. TRAVEL AGENCY   Thank you! You did a great job! SIEMENS ENERGY   Grazie a tutti voi, la manifestazione è stata veramente ben organizzata e i contatti sono stati ottimi! Alcune nuove collaborazioni sono già state avviate! RENT-A-GUIDE   Thanks again for another well organised, productive and entertaining workshop. I had a great time and made useful contacts. MIKI TRAVEL  


“First of all, thank you to all of you, you have been great hosts. This time I have to admit the fair has been organized very well and even the meetings were very productive. Very positive was the fact that we stayed in the same hotel were the fair took place. So no long transfer procedures were necessary. We got even a bit of spare time to work and/or to explore the hotel. Food and beverage and even the team building program were excellent. Just go ahead like this and I am sure you will have even more requests for the next upcoming ACE events. Thank you for letting me participate.” Tui Deutschland   “I would like again to personally thank you and your wonderful hosting from the entire Comitel staff. I look forward to building some excellent new relationships with many new partnerships. I loved the way your team ran this program and I’d like to recommend you to several other buyers who would benefit. Thanks a million.” Blaycation   “A big thanks for a great organization and productive event. You did a great job, thank you very much!” Novaturas   “Thank you very much for your best attention and excellent organization on 18 / 21 November 2018 in Rome. It was a really efficient program for me. Thanks a lot!” Present Tour Ltd   “Ringrazio tutto lo staff per l’ottimo lavoro e l’ottimo workshop, a cui sicuramente parteciperemo nuovamente il prossimo anno. evento ben organizzato e buona selezione di buyer.” Royal Group Hotels & Resorts   “Grazie e ancora grazie per l’ottima organizzazione e la splendida ospitalità.” Jet Vacations   “Faccio moltissimi workshop in Italia, ma la ACE è davvero il mio favorito! Sia la qualità dei sellers, che la perfetta organizzazione e il programma stesso! E innanzi tutto voi “ragazze”, siete di una gentilezza e presenza straordinaria! Cordiali saluti, un abbraccio, e ci vediamo l’anno prossimo!!” Studiosus    “Many thanks for the job well done. The event was organized perfectly in the right Italian way. Unusual format (buyer not the one who is running), quite laid back, not too hectic atmosphere. I was happy to meet some potential partners to work in future. Also happy that I could find time to escape for Rome touring – I was lucky to see at least main attractions, maybe not very detailed but I saw mostly everything!” Aspera Explorations   “Thank you so much for an excellent trade fair!  It was really well organised and I made lots of useful contacts. The accommodation was fantastic this year and the team building and dancing were loads of fun :)!” Miki Travel   “It was indeed a pleasure attending the ACE and thank you for the wonderful hospitality. I am looking forward converting leads and contacts to business.” TRIPS COLLECTION   “Complimenti per l’eccellente organizzazione e assistenza, nonché per la qualità dei buyer… “ SLCVIPHOSPITALITY   “Thank you for the smooth and joyful organisation of ACE and post trip to Milan. I really enjoyed the time spent with you and the ACE suppliers.  I met with new potential suppliers in a very cheerful and pleasant way. All the best and hope to meet again soon !” FIND’R   “Grazie per il gentile supporto avuto nel corso della manifestazione. È stato un piacere aver partecipato per la prima volta, speriamo di poter essere presenti ad altri nuovi eventi organizzati da voi. Complimenti per l’organizzazione e a presto.” DOMIDEA BUSINESS HOTEL   “Thank you so much for a great Art Cities Exchange.  I am very happy that you invited me.  During the two days I met a lot of nice and interesting suppliers and I think the event was very well organized.  The cooking class was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed myself during these days. Again, thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to attend.”  Quest Travel AS   “Thank you very much for your kind invitation, it was very nice to know you! From the beginning you were very well planned and always very responsive. All arrangements went in smooth. During the event, all went very planned with the combination of meetings and partnership building activities. Thank you for everything and wish to see you again.” FEST Travel   “Cara Monica, indirizzo a te il nostro feedback senz’altro positivo in merito a ACE 2018. Ti ringrazio nuovamente augurandomi a breve un’altra interessante iniziativa!” ROSSINI OPERA FESTIVAL   “Dear Comitel Staff! I want to express my gratitude to you for providing an opportunity to participate in this workshop. Everything was at a high level: organization, our meetings with representatives of hotels and DMC companies and much more. We wish you further prosperity and success in your work. Thank you very much!” Caspian Breeze Travel   “Thank you so much for a fabulous and well organised workshop. You did a very good job! It was nice to meet you in Rome and I really enjoyed the whole event. I came back with a lot of ideas and we will try to work it out.” Expert Reiser   “Grazie mille per tutto! Organizzazione perfetta!” EMIRATES/DNATA   “I want to thank you again for the hospitality and nice organized show It was very good!!!” YPAYMORE   “Thank you all for a good and well planned workshop in Rome. You and the group from Comitel are always welcoming and friendly.” FAVORITRESOR   “Votre organisation était excellente vraiment, bon timing, parfait  dans sa dimension Humaine. Merci de votre excellent travail, fantastique organisation collective. J’ai BEAUCOUP apprécié  mon premier meeting avec vous. Merci!” EOLE LOISIRS   “Innanzitutto volevo complimentarvi con voi per l’evento, a mio avviso è stato un grande successo! Spero di riuscire a partecipare ad ulteriori eventi con voi e Comitel.” SINA HOTELS   “Thank you so much for invitation for Art Cities Exchange. It was very nice to meet up with many people and get more information, inspirations and ideas about beautiful Italy. Organization was very good and I am really happy I could take a part into this event. Thank you so much ? ACTIVEZONE   “Thank you very much for your email. It was great to meet you in Rome last week. The program was great and the meetings successful. We will certainly stay in touch.” Bookunited B.V.   “Back in Hamburg I want to say thank you for a great week in Italy – with many impressions and good talks with your team and the participants. You all did a great and professional job.” SMART & MORE   “Grazie come sempre per un ottimo Workshop! E grazie per l’aiuto in tutto!! Alla prossima!” Ondazzurra Viaggi   “Grazie infinite di tutto, l’organizzazione e gli spazi della fiera sono stati molto soddisfacenti!” Tomorrow Travel   “È STATO TUTTO MOLTO POSITIVO. GRAZIE DI TUTTO E AL PROSSIMO ANNO!” Monrif hotels  


“Many thanks for inviting me at ACE which is by far the best Italian workshop I have attended: very well organized with a Swiss punctuality combined to a rich social program and great networking opportunities.”   FIND’R       “Thank you very much for a great workshop.  It was really useful and I met lots of interesting suppliers as well as becoming a golf pro :D!”   Miki Travel     “DECISAMENTE IL MIGLIOR WORKSHOP FATTO CON COMITEL” Your Italy S.r.l.     “Excellent communication. Well organised and planned meeting show”   Fingerprint Events   “Great as usual!” Bulta Tours     “È stato un vero piacere collaborare con voi, garantite sempre un livello elevatissimo di buyer! Grazie per la Vostra sempre eccellente organizzazione!”   Eitch Borromini Palazzo Doria Pamphilj       “Thank you very much for a great Art Cities Exchange. It was very well organised and the appointments were very good. I made so many interesting contacts that I expect I will have to travel back to Italy to visit several historic hotels on site-inspection. I look forward to Art Cities Exchange 2018. It is already blocked in my agenda.”   Historia Events         “Gentili Alessandra, Piergiorgio, Marta, Claudia, Monica e Valentina. Grazie per la preziosa organizzazione dell’evento.” Turismo Torino e Provincia “Vorrei nuovamente fare i complimenti al Comitel per l’ottima organizzazione e qualità dell’evento ACE! È stata davvero un’ottima occasione di incontro con buyer interessanti e soprattutto nuovi.” Hotel Romanico Palace     “Thank you so much for the organisation. The Comitel team is great!!!”   Global Event Management   “Faccio seguito alla partecipazione ad ACE per ringraziarvi della ottima organizzazione del workshop che è stato molto interessante e che desidereremmo ripetere il prossimo anno.”   MONRIF HOTELS      “Rientrata dalla bellissima esperienza di Roma, desidero ringraziare ancora tutto lo staff Comitel per l’ottima organizzazione dell’evento, per la vostra gentilezza e disponibilità!”   Cortina Marketing Grazie ancora per l’invito! Ho conosciuto delle belle persone al workshop, sia buyers che sellers!” Sabtours Touristik GmbH   “Vi ringrazio ancora per la buona organizzazione dell’evento e per l’ospitalità. Cari saluti e alla prossima occasione!”   Jet Vacations